Free Domestic and International Shipping on Handbags

You know as well as I do, our country's economic state is not in the best shape.  We are all facing challenging times that can be confusing and sometimes depressing. Well.. hey, pick that chin up and think positively. How about I help take a little of the edge off of our situations by offering Free Shipping, inside the U.S. and outside, to my International friends!.. and this even applies to Sale Handbags too!

Take advantage of this offer to own your very own MPP handbag while the shipping is on me :) OH, and please don't forget about my Referral Program.  If you weren't aware of it or you need a little reminder, read this blog post..

When you visit my Etsy Shop, look around and ask any questions.  I'm always on stand-by for you.  When you have spotted That bag, just go through the check-out procedure and use the coupon code: FREESHIPPING (for inside the USA) or FREEINTERNATIONAL (for outside of the USA).

What a treat!
Cheers, to you and yours!

New Village Messenger Bag!
New Sasha Sling Hobo Handbag!
Things Will get better, so smile.. 

Have A Miss Pretty Perfect Day!

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