New! Referral Discounts for you and your friends to enjoy.

Thanks to Anafore, I have set up a campaign that allows you and your friend to enjoy a discount in my MissPrettyPerfect's Etsy Shop

Here’s how it works..

When you purchase an item from My Shop, you will receive a letter that will allow you to share a discount coupon of 20% off to your friends.  You will have the option to forward the message or share via Facebook or Twitter!  You can also unsubscribe if you’re not interested in sharing.  Your message will look like the one below..

referral snip1

Once the email has been forward and arrives to your friends, they will have the option of visiting My Shop and hopefully, using the discount code toward a purchase.  And if they do, you will receive a wonderful surprise message back to you.  The coupon will look like the one below..

referral snip2

Now, here’s the grandest part.. Once the coupon code is used and a purchase is made, you will receive a discount that makes this referral program all worth it.  Your discount will be for 40% off any item in My Shop!  Your invitation will look like this..

referral snip3

So… whatdasay.  Are you in?  Sounds like an awesome deal to me!

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