Mexican Pleating Tutorial by MissPrettyPerfect

A couple of years ago when I 'discovered' this technique, I thought it was the greatest thing I ever thought of, until I saw it in a sewing book.  I wasn't disappointed to learn that I wasn't the first to ever try this, but more like relieved that the pressure of announcing a new technique to the world, would not be on my shoulders :D

Supply List:

Chalk Wheel
Pins (optional)
Rotary Cutter & Mat (optional)


Mark lines in 1 1/4" increments using a chalk wheel marker and ruler.  Be sure that the lines are exactly spaced, each time.
Now you're ready to sew and pleat your fabric.  Fold on each line and sew at 1/4" on each fold.  Press the pleats going all in the same direction.

After the folds have been pressed in the same direction, turn the fabric and mark line placement at a minimum spacing of 1" each.  Once the markings are drawn, you will be able to follow along that same line as your sewing line, alternating the pleats in 2 different directions.
  Sew 'down' the flat pleat sewing line first.  Turn the fabric and sew 'up', flipping the pleats and creating the 'wave' look.  Try to keep the sewing lines as straight as possible.

Once you've completed this process, your piece should look like this.. 

Here is what I used my mexican pleating patches in..
Miss Alma Fabric Patchwork and Leather Tote Bag
Miss Lotti Oversized Fabric Patchwork and Leather Tote

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  1. Well done, you make it look so easy. Very nice tutorial, congrats!

  2. Thanks for posting Misspretty! Great music in the video! :)

  3. Wonderful and very clear - I have not tried this technique before but will very soon. Many thanks for sharing.

  4. Thanks for the tip. I think I might try this technique on a dress bodice or belt.

  5. Great technique! A well done video. easy to understand. Thanks!

  6. Very nicely done and great tute. Lois Ericson is a big teacher of these pleats in her various books and the first time I saw it was by her on TV.

  7. That was amazing....
    Do you more kind of fabric manipulation techniques like this one? :)

  8. I used this to make the cutest potholder....was fun! Thanks!


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