Contest #2: Momma's Got A Brand New Bag

I have this problem.  Not saying it's a bad problem, but it's a problem.

I designed a bag, but she doesn't have a name or a description.  So, I need your help.

Details are as follows..

The Entry:  Post in the comment box the answers to the following questions..
  1. What is the name of this bag?
  2. Where would you wear it to?
  3. And how would you carry it/ wear it?
It's that simple! (I hope)..  Keep it fun and keep it unique!  If you need more inspiration, please visit my fabric library and browse around.  Updates will be made occasionally, so please check back.
The Prize: Your very own custom "whatever this thing is called" bag in your color choices!

The Contest Ends:  March 27th, 2010 (Start commenting below.. now!)

Yes I design great bags, but I never said I knew it all =D

Have A Miss Pretty Perfect Day!

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