Sewing leather on my machine SERIES

In a series of videos available on my Youtube channel, MissPrettypPerfect Sewing Studio, I teach the basics on Sewing Leather on a sewing machine. The series of (5) short videos, features the very basic understanding of leathers, and what type of machine(s) can be used to be successful in sewing leather.

As a Handbag Designer, my main material of choice is leather. I was taught how to sew leather on a "walking foot" industrial machine.

For the last 10 years of me sewing my own line of handbags, the necessary tools have not always been available to me. I have always owned a commercial "home" sewing machine, and that has very much served my leather sewing needs, well. But, I realized that it wasn't the best, and most obvious choice for me, to continue sewing leather bags. When I acquired my own straight stitch industrial sewing machine, I thought that would be the answer. Although, it has the "horse-power", being able to stitch through multiple layers and heavy weight materials, it was a learning curve.

Ultimately, the answer to all my frustrations with sewing leather, was my industrial walking foot machine. It could handle any weight of leather I put before it!

Youtube Series: Sewing Leather on my Machine

To learn more about my leather sewing journey, tune into my video series, "Sewing leather on my machine." If you prefer to view a particular subject, follow the individual links, below:

Video one: Hide Selection
Video two: Leather Ounce Weight Comparison
Video three: Kenmore Commercial Home Sewing Machine
Video four: Juki Industrial Lock Stitch Machine
Video five: Singer Industrial Walking Foot Machine

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