Melania Trump's Inauguration Suit in a Doll Sized Version

To be able to create patterns and make them available for sale, in a digital PDF format, was a dream for me, until this happened! It was the day after I went all google-eyed over Melania Trump's inauguration day suit. Upon research, I discovered that it was designed by Ralph Lauren. It's a blue double faced cashmere material, that looked so luscious! It was a challenge that I thought would not be that difficult, if only I could get started on it. So, I commenced to designing that same outfit for an 18 inch American girl doll. I have to admit that there was a special force, who assisted me throughout the process. Not to mention, the years spent in Fashion design classes! And, not only did I create a PDF pattern for this suit, I also self filmed and edited a video tutorial for a beginner sewest. What a rewarding time, it was!

This is where it all began.

An image from my written step-by-step instructions for the pattern.

The complete suit in muslin, dress and jacket.

Another image from my step-by-step written instructions, of the supplies and pattern.

Low and behold, I pulled it off!

See you Soon!
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