Leopard Print Leather Applique Clutch

Once upon a time, I won an art award in the 4th grade, for a paper hand-cut (and glued) portrait of myself. It's clear to me, many, many moons later, that this was my destiny. Today, instead of using paper, I use leather. And, I Love it. I'm not sure if I'll get rich from this passion, but, I do know that my heart is happy. So far, I've only made two of these cute leather applique clutch bags. The first design looks like a monarch butterfly, with gold studding and beautiful fringe. The most recent version is my interpretation of leopard prints, with additional hand knotted leather fringe.

The inspiration began with (2) brown leather hides, and some leopard print fabric.

After sketching the leopard pattern, I hand-cut them out of both leathers, and started to sew them down to the cream background.

Add holes for the fringe to pass through..
When it was time to add the fringe, I was stumped. That's
when I began a poll for friends to help me decide..

As you can see, #1 was the people's choice!
Leopard Print Leather AppliquΓ© Clutch with Fringe

Thanks for stopping by.. See you soon!
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