How To Sew Leather Zipper Wallet On A Home Sewing Machine Tutorial

When I received the invitation to record another video tutorial (with an actual film crew), I was over the moon excited! I have always, only filmed my own videos, so this was a big opportunity for me. I have had an idea for a couple of years now, to conquer the myths that surround whether, or not, you can sew leather on a commercial home sewing machine. Based on my experience of making my own line of leather handbags, called "MissPrettyPerfect", this was something I had to learn to do without having the luxury of owning a walking foot industrial machine. Today, I am able to compare the differences because of my background in hangbag design, when I actually worked for a Handbag Designer in New York City and operated an industrial walking foot machine, while at work.

When I moved back home to North Carolina, I had to make the switch from using an actual industrial strength machine made for leather, to using my commercial home sewing machine. I noticed that my own industrial (non-walking foot) machine, would not properly sew two or more pieces together. The improper manner that I refer to, had to do with the top leather piece "sliding", creating a bunching effect in the seam, using my regular sewing foot. I didn't like that and I could not sell anything that looked that way. Most times, if threw my design off, completely. After a bit of research, I learned about a Teflon foot. It's the white plastic piece on a foot  hinge that allows you to "glide" over the material. A Teflon foot is usually recommended for sewing vinyl. I really didn't particularly care for this, either. My last hope was to fight with my industrial, in order to sew leather. This made me begin to hate sewing leather, because of the time and effort spent toward sewing/ resewing, removing seams and puncturing my nice leathers with needle holes that would turn out to be visible in the handbag. That's a 'no-no". And, you never want to make more needle holes than necessary in leather, because you basically start to create a perforated line, causing the leather to tear.

After many unsuccessful attempt of using my non-walking foot industrial machine to sew leather, I tried my home sewing machine. I realized that if I could not afford to purchase an industrial strength walking foot machine, I could order an actual 'walking foot' for my commercial machine. This "new" operation changed my life forever. With this walking foot device, combined with the proper needle (size 16/18), I was able to breeze right through most of my projects!

If you feel like you're ready to conquer this myth, visit My Etsy shop for your "DIY Leather Wallet Pouch Case Kit." This kit comes ready with a hand-cut piece of leather, brass zipper, and binder clips. Just follow along to listen for "pointers" that only someone skilled in this area, could provide.

Have Fun!

Disclaimer: I would not use heavy or thick leathers. Stick with light-weight and thin leathers.

Have A Miss Pretty Perfect Day!

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