Could you believe it?!

Could you believe that it has been over a year since my last posting? Or, could you believe that I finally found the time to sit down, and write a post. Miracles happen every day, I tell ya..

Hello. I've missed this so much. So very much has taken place and still, I never give up!

This handbag has been on my mind for about a couple of weeks now. I love all of my babies, but this one I made as a custom order for a client, and that was it. I never formally introduced her. I would love an excuse to make her again. While cleaning up my studio this morning, I found her unlabeled pattern. And this is what charged me to write to you today.

She is lovely and she is kind. Soft and full of room to accommodate your daily activities. Without further ado, introducing the..

 Samantha XL!


Have A Miss Pretty Perfect Day!

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