Custom Made Patchwork Bag

Custom Made Process

Isn't it rewarding to have a style of your very own? To have other's compliment you on your fashion "find"? Why not take it a step further and adorn yourself with a product that no one else can duplicate. That product that I'm speaking of is your very own Custom Made Handbag!

Over in My Etsy Shop, I have two listings that will allow you to pick from my wealth of gorgeous, high-end Designer fabric inventory. Most of my fabrics retail from a price point to $30 to $150 per yard.  They are of very, very nice quality and the workman ship is timeless, allowing you to carry your custom made bag for years to come. One of my Custom Handbags is the Custom Patchwork Crossbody Messenger Bag with adjustable strap and the other is my Custom Patchwork Hobo Handbag. Click on the links to learn more..

Here is how the process works:
  1. You let me know what fabric colors interest you. You can also let me know your pattern interest and/or the ones to avoid, ie: polka dots, flowers, stripes, etc.
  2. I will select fabrics from my inventory, scan them, and set-up a private album for you. You will be sent an invitation to view this album. It is a private album, but you will be able to share it with whoever you wish. Sometimes a girl needs a second, or third opinion. See example below..
Private Album with Selected Fabric Swatches

This is a collage of those fabrics, in close connection.
This is also included in your album.

3. This is the process of eliminating any unwanted fabrics and introducing new fabrics along with the selected fabrics..

My client wanted to keep #1, 4, 6, and 8. I offered to show her more, once I "learned" her taste. I then introduced #11 - 17.

After our second selection process, my client's mind was set on the following..

After my client approved all the swatches she wanted, I then work my gift and came up the placement of the fabrics and created the lovely bag below..

So.. What do you think?

Are you ready to take the Custom Made Handbag Challenge?

Have A Miss Pretty Perfect Day!

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