My Recent Visit To Mary Jo’s Fabric Store

So the goal is to come up with a line of Women’s Wear for the Fall of 2011.  Yes, that’s my goal.  To get the “ball rolling” and for inspiration, I sought after my most favorite place to go in the whole wide world.. Mary Jo’s Fabric Store!  Mary Jo’s is located in Gastonia, North Carolina and is world renowned!  And you most times can find Mary Jo, straightening fabric bolts and sharing a warm smile with her loyal customers.

Oh, and I can’t forget the love that was shown to MPP by Mary Jo’s Fabrics in an article that was written on my behalf called, “Handbags - A Different Take.. That was so very nice of them Smile

Well, check out the fabulous offerings of fabrics galore next time you’re in the Gastonia area.  Enjoy the gorgeous upholstery, embroidered silks, wovens, trims, printed cottons, batiks, and the list really does go on, and on..

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