Spring Cleaning Sale at MissPrettyPerfect 2011

I know, I know..  It's been a while since you've heard any noise from this end, but I'm setting things back in motion because I do miss the interaction with you.  But it's not that I've been too busy, but truthfully, I've been too busy :D 

For anyone who has every spent time in New York City, whether you lived or travelled there, you have experienced the immediate sense of urgency in the "Townspeople".  Rush here, rush there, everything is a Rush! 

But thankfully, Spring is here!  In my life, Spring symbolizes Change and most importantly, Growth.  MPP is changing and growing.  Exciting developments are in the horizon!  But it is important that "No handbag be left behind".  I have reduced already sale prices today for you to enjoy an MPP handbag of your own, at a generous discount.  What's important to me, is that they all arrive on a loving arm.

If you every have a request of your very own, please don't hesitate to Contact Me to let me know what you are interested in having created!

Happy Spring to You!

Have A Miss Pretty Perfect Day!

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