Reporting Live From Our Hotel Room... We're Homeless.

We didn't see it coming..
There was a fire next door to us on this past Friday afternoon.  I was at work and my guys had just left the scene before they knew it was beginning.  While they were out and about, my husband received a call from a relative in Florida stating that the house was on fire.  Thankfully, no one was hurt!

Unfortunately, the apartment has been deemed uninhabitable until further notice.  There is no electricity or water in the house at this time.  But thank God we have resources.  We are living in a surprisingly nice hotel in Brooklyn until further notice.  That further notice may be ending by the end of the week, if I have it my way.  I'm just envisioning our new (my dream) apartment now.  Huge windows with natural sunlight, beautiful hardwood floors and plenty of space for us to enjoy :)  And my new MPP Studio would be a delight!

We ask for your prayers for our family's relocation.  Pray that it be speedy and that the location be exactly what we need.  Here's a positive.. I'm getting some really good use out of my travel bags, Miss Rebecca Travel Work Bag and Dr. Quinn Overnight Bag.  As a Designer/ Product Developer, it's good to test market your merchandise before it's sold. This way I know for sure that the handbags that I design and make are built for the trials of life!

One door closes, another one opens.

And one final note.. I would not be true to the name MissPrettyPerfect if I didn't let you further know what all MissPrettyPerfect stands for in my mind. And this currently situation is just another testimony to share with you, and not to mention, a Perfect example.  It's all about creating a positive and perfect surrounding, even though in reality, that is not exactly the case.  The name MissPrettyPerfect represents strength and an ability to Know that everything is going to be alright regardless the outcome (Faith).  We may not live in a Perfect world, but we have the ability to make it one for ourselves and our families.

Have A Miss Pretty Perfect Day!.. because I know I will!

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