Long Fashion Hiatus, But I Never Left The Handbags!

Where to start.. where to start!

Since my relocation back to New York City in June of this year, things have been totally non-stop in "A Typical Day In The Life of a Handbag Designer".  It's a good non-stop, but very demanding.  If you've ever visited or lived in the city, then you are familiar with the phrase, "Where did the time go?"  This place is Amazing in so many ways.  But yet, so time consuming to be a part of.

I probably took about a good 4 months to fully adjust to my new life here, in Brooklyn.  My workspace/studio is located in a basement where it's kind of dark, compared to what I'm used to.  I love natural sunlight, especially when photographing my handmade goods, so I've been slack in photographing my handmade handbags for everyone to enjoy.  But hopefully, I'll figure out a great location for future shots.

Oh, I have a volunteer assistant now and his name is Bryson, my 5 year old.  The first time he "threaded" my machine, he had my help.  This was his second time threading it and he did it (almost perfect) by himself!  Of course I stopped him once he got to the actual needle because of common sense.  But he is already aware of that particular area of the machine since he was 3!  He knows to be extra careful to not be in that area.  He just loves to help!

Thank you in advance, for your concern.  But Bryson does not interact with the sewing process, or the needle, or the presser foot.. because he can't reach it yet :D  He is in no danger because Mommy is always present, aware and fully alert!

Hmm, what else.. OH!  About a month ago, I walked in to visit a highly popular Midtown Fabric store, and walked out with a position.  "Thank you Mood"!  OMG.  Beau-ti-ful Fabrics Galore!!  If you have never visited this wonderful fabric store before, do your research first.  Know almost exactly what fabric you're looking for and be able to describe what it will be used for it you don't know the name.  The Sales staff is Very helpful but we can't read your minds.  hehe.  It can also be quite overwhelming to a first timer too!  Three floors of awesomeness from wool suiting, cashmere, spandex, sweater knits, and even St. John-esque wovens all on the top floor.  Fancy lace, sequined fabric, brocades, metallics, cotton shirting, poplin, jersey knits, poly's, buttons, buckles, studs, trims all on the second floor.  And finally, upholstery fabrics upon decor fabrics, tassels, beaded trim, embroidered dupioni silks, chenille, canvas, linen, vinyl, leather and fur are all on the bottom level.  This place is a gold mind so be prepared to stay a couple of hours.

Oh, and those of you who are tracking my progress on the Vogue 1174, I should have been finished months ago.  But because I'm somewhat of a perfectionist, I just have a hard time completing what I started when it's not going in the direction that I believed it should have gone.   I will be posting specifically on the completion and end result of my version of Vogue 1174.

I'm also still helping others to make their own dream of having a handbag design company of their very own!  If you or you know someone who is interested in having a prototype made and ready to shop to stores, please tell them to contact me so that we can further discuss the details via email at toiyah2@yahoo.com.  Everything is totally confidential and I'd be more than happy to sign papers stating so.

I also cannot leave without giving you all an Official sneak peak of my new website http://www.missprettyperfect.com/.  Once the final touches are made, I will have a Grand Opening/ Public Announcement.  Prizes and Give-away's to come your way!

And as always, I am able to create a custom made bag just for you.  Have a look at the various styles of Miss Wendy Across Body Messenger and the Miss Sasha Sling Hobo Style Shoulder Bag by clicking the links.  These are both great gifts for the traveling woman in your life.  I love creating for other's and hearing of the wonderful feedback! Contact me today to discuss making your very own custom-made handbag come to life!

If you're not a Fan of the MissPrettyPerfect Facebook Fanpage, please join today by clicking the link.

Love to All!

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