Showing Some Etsy Love To Waterwaif

Classy and Sophisticated.  Waterwaif jewelry pieces are just that.  I just love the feeling that comes from her images alone.  Tara of Waterwaif is a lover of the Ocean.  Melbourne, Florida is where she resides and hand-crafts elegant bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and more are created with sterling silver, 14k gold, copper. Her choices of precious and semi-precious stones and gems, natural elements, metals, and materials, crystals, and sparkle galore are sure to enhance your wardrobe.

Tara says, "I am a wife and mother who has discovered the joy and passion of painting and art and jewelry crafting and design, among other crafts and creations. Nothing gives me greater joy than matching the perfect piece to its perfect buyer.

Each stone and each bead has its own story and I am so excited to be able to help tell it.

I find immense strength and inspiration from the ocean and its inhabitants and you will find this reflected in my work, too.

I am always willing to discuss custom orders or trades so send me a convo! My shop is trade friendly."

Stop by and visit Tara of Waterwaif today!

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