Showing Some Etsy Love to Elle's Beads

I really appreciate The Working Woman.  And Elle (Michelle) Carmon is just that.  She's a full-time paralegal who finds enough time in her busy schedule to make wonderful, eclectic jewelry and exotic pieces for wear.  Elle of Elle's Beads enjoys making handmade magnets, jewelry, brooches, barrettes, decorative storage containers, and more.  Take a look at a few of my favorites..

This eco-friendly flower is made from fabulous upcycled fabrics from the Scrap Exchange in Durham, NC.

A super cute plastic aqua owl bead is front and center. She also included a Czech fire polished glass blue bead, two round resin flake beads, and two textured glass cube beads to add geometric variety.  Fun!

The image for the handmade charm is made with different types of paper materials with Asian letters and images.

I am totally confident in knowing that she has something just for you!

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