I'm putting my pedal to the metal!

I apologize in advance for the poor quality pics, but this the quickest method I have in order to be able to give you a daily dose of "A Day In The Life Of A Handbag Designer".

If you were not aware of our recent move to The City, I should let you know that WE MOVED TO NEW YORK CITY!! YaY!

On my second chance in The City, I feel its only right to bring you along with me. But please don't hold the poor photography against me :D And being that I'm a total visual, I can relate to wanting to see pictures while I'm reading. So it's the best that I can do "In a New York minute" as they say.

So, here we are now with a once shy Fashion Design graduate, turned handbag Designer, ready to spread her wings and fly. I'd love for you to take a part in my destiny.. MissPrettyPerfect style!

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