Showing Some Etsy Love To Lightkeeping

Would you like to see some gorgeous handmade lampwork jewelry from Ireland? 

Anastasija from Cork, Ireland has some amazing talent.  She loves what she does and it shows.  Her handmade glass beads that she creates are like no other.  Just check below at the samples of her work and you will understand why I feel this way..

Anastasija would like for everyone to know..
Each piece is lovingly made by me with great care and attention to color, proportion, symmetry, and most of all, beauty. Most of my things are made with lampwork beads, which I complement with Swarovski crystals, genuine precious and semi-precious gemstones, pearls, etc. I am happy to adjust lengths, and custom orders are always welcome; if you see an item in my store that you like, but would like it better if it were put together in a somewhat different way, I'll be happy to accomodate! And if you like my "style" but don't see a particular color you'd like, I may be able and will be glad to put something together for you. Also, I will be happy to gift wrap at no extra charge, and also ship directly to the recipient if your purchase is to be a gift. I hope you'll enjoy wearing my jewelry as much as I've enjoyed creating it!

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