Introducing Miss Lotti Oversized Leather Tote Bag

I am so happy this turned out to be a wonderful creation of a handmade handbag.  Because I have to admit that once I got started on constructing this bag, I wasn't so sure of myself. 

Miss Lotti was definitely a work in progress that took me 3 days to complete. Like all of my designs, I had an idea in my mind and it had to come to life asap.

So without further ado, say 'hello' to the newest addition to the MPP family.. Miss Lotti

 The fabrics are high quality upholstery fabrics such as wovens, embroidery, chenille, and silk fabrics.  And if you will direct your attention to the iridescent peach color 'wave' patterned silk.. I manipulated this silk into Mexican Pleating. If you missed my tutorial on Mexican Pleating, please watch the video and see me sew my heart away! 

Leather drawstring sides and a separating zipper to revile the wide mouth opening.  These features help to really see all that is inside the bag.

The interior back side has a zippered closure.  On the opposite side is a divided pocket.

So if you would like to learn more about this bag, please visit Miss Lotti on Etsy.

Thanks for visiting and have a Miss Pretty Perfect day!

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