Showing Some Etsy Love to Lotus MiraGe Ephemera

Can I interest you in a pair of broken China beaded earrings?  They're available in Pink, Yellow, or Blue..

If you're like me, you're swayed by any mention of the name Indian and it's rich culture.  If so, you will enjoy this Indian Hand-Painted Tile Imaged Bracelet..

Lotus MiraGe Ephemera is an Etsy shop full of handcrafted jewelry and art composed of found items, vintage artwork and images, and other ephemera.  I have discovered an art that I didn't know existed.  The art of preserving Vintage imagery into jewelry that will last forever is totally captivating to me. The international vintage stamp pendants are a must see! 

~*~ What's In A Name? ~*~

The name LotusMira is one I have been using for many years. Mira (pronounced "meera"), from the Sanskrit root meaning "prosperous," (one can hope!) is my middle name and my Indian/Bengali grandmother's first name. Also, I have always loved the symbolism of the lotus in Indian spiritual traditions. I have also been using the name MiraGe for a very long time, Mira being my middle name and "G" being the first letter of my last name.


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