Showing Some Etsy Love to Leo and Junie

I have a very strong feeling that Christine would love to hear of my surprise from this week.  My surprise from this week was that for the first time (and with the probability of it being my last time), I saw a real, actual, factual, live Hummingbird with my own 2 eyes!  Yes, a green humming birds with wings that flap like they were in fast-forward outside of my studio window.  What a sight!  And a quick sight too.

And what a pleasure to introduce to you, Christine of Leo and Junie, a self-taught, former fine jewelry seller, who is living out her passion.  Christine is centered between New York City and Philadelphia (must be really nice!) and loves to create these beautiful replicas of nature in the form of jewelry.

Pair this Sparrow and Pastel Flowers Necklace with a crisp white linen blouse.

Love these!  I would wear these Vintage Lime Filigree Earrings with a bubble gum pink dress.

So simple, so sweet.  Amazonite Briolette Earrings reminds me of French Country Chic.

Would you like to see more?  I knew that you would.  You will not be disappointed.

Leo And Junie has been interviewed as the Featured Artist of the BESTeam!  Read all about it.

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