Getting A Hustle On In The Front Yard!

Today my 4 year old son and I went to the mall to hang out and see what was new in town.  I took a back road to return home and stumbled upon this ..

This person has made there front yard a retail space!  I'm not making fun or judging this person at all.  The message is very simple and should be clear. 

Use what you got! 

This handmade artist may not sell on Etsy, Artfire or online at all.  And she probably doesn't set up at craft shows.  She doesn't have to!  The front yard is Perfect! 

Now go and do "that thing" and Quit making excuses!

OMG.. this is sooo MissPrettyPerfect!..
 .. because we make NO excuses!

If you love it too, let other's know by commenting.

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