Showing Some Etsy Love to Kei Glass

Boy do I envy this Artist.. (.. and I say this with nothing but Love toward her and her gift).  This particular Artist that I speak of is Kat of Kei Glass.  To be able to manipulate glass (yes, real glass) into anything you want.. especially beads and pendants.. gosh!  I wish I could do that in my sleep.

 These Mediterranean earrings are Fun! (click pic)

Breckenridge could really boost your Black Power Suit (click pic)..

It's called Sunrise.  Can you feel it? (click pic)

They're all Gorgeous, right? Kat not only offers handmade glass pendants, earrings and sets, but also wind-chimes and zipper pulls.  She also takes request for custom pieces that will just delight your wardrobe!  Her jewelry is what I refer to as the Perfect Accessory.  It will be the only accessory you need. 

Head on over to Kei Glass' World by clicking the links below..

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