A Name Has Been Chosen For The "Momma's Got A Brand New Bag" Give-Away!!

Thank you, thank you, and thank you to every one who entered Miss Pretty Perfect's 2nd contest!

I had so much fun reading all of the wonderful entries that I wished it could go on forever.  I was able to identify with All of you who participated in naming this handbag.  I really appreciate all of you!

Now, without further ado..

The Winner Is..
Swan Mountain Soaps said...

I love this bag!

I would call this bag "The Nina" because it is sweet and small and sassy - like my daughter Nina. Feminine but not frilly, smart but not stuck-up. This bag is carefree, fun and perfect for a Saturday afternoon at the swapmeet or antiques store. It's just the right size to hold ice cream money, a credit card or two, a Butterscotch lip balm and my cellphone and keys. I would wear it slung over my shoulder, but most likely my daughter Nina would steal it from me before the day was over. =]

March 18, 2010 1:09 PM
So Congratulations to SwanMountainSoaps for blessing Miss Pretty Perfect with a name for this new design and a description.  She has won her very own version of "Miss Nina" in her custom colors!

For those of you who entered, I have decided to Give-Away a wallet to a few randomly selected entries.  I will notify you personally.

Thanks again and please stay close for another Contest!  I love to give-away handbags!!

Miss Nina - Pick One Up Today!

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