My First Etsy Treasury Submission is up!

I feel as if I accomplished a major feat on today!  Attempt after attempt, I finally successfully submitted an Etsy treasury, put together by your's truly.  I'm so excited.  Probably more excited than the Artist that are being represented.

An Etsy treasury is a promotional tool used on Etsy's website.  It is an opportunity to be showcased in a collective, put together by anyone.  Selected Etsy's handmade artist are chosen to be featured under the curator's chosen theme.  As curator of this treasury, I chose the theme, "Just The 2 of Us".  This title is to remind us to remember the good times with our significant others!  I handpicked couples represented in various forms. Take A Look!  And please feel free to leave your comment.

I look forward to doing this again!

Have A Miss Pretty Perfect Day!

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