African Mudcloth Cutting Session Today

I have always, always been an admirer of African Mudcloth.  It is a traditional fabric of  Africa that is absolutely rich with history.  The many, many symbols, colors, and even the handmade technique is well respected among other nationalities and collected by many as an art.  Today you will most commonly see it in Home Decor or as a garment, which was the initial purpose of this well sought-after fabric.

The pictures showcased here are of the two that I am cutting (yes cutting) today!  I had these stored away and was debating on when and if I was going to actually convert these wonderful pieces into handbags.  Well, I finally got the guts on this morning.  All I keep saying to myself in my head is, "Waste not, want not".  There is absolutely NO room for error.  I cannot afford to make any mistakes.. period.

And in case you're wondering what will become of these fabulous traditional African Mudcloth panels, I
am creating a couple of Dr. Quinn Travel Bags (long overdue), Miss Amelia Overnight bags, and Miss Alea gathered hobo handbags!  Please keep me in your prayers ;-)

Now, if you love African Mudcloth as much as I do, this Smithsonian Institute (one of my favorite museums) will explain to you how this traditional fabric is made here.  And if you're up to it, there is a tutorial on how you can make your very own Mudcloth!  I believe it's well worth the attempt to try.  If you have ever attempted before to make any fabric of your own, please share in the comment box below.  We'd love to hear.

Have A Miss Pretty Perfect Day!

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