Once Upon A Time, Barbie Was My Friend.

Just like every other little girl, I played with Barbie dolls.  I took it a little more serious as a teenager by collection her.  I collected every African-American Barbie doll made.  The first African-American Barbie was introduced in 1969.  She had an afro.  Barbie meant a lot to all of us girls.  She gave us the ability to be someone else in our minds.  Maybe she gave us the outlet to dream our way out of situations, simply by changing her clothes.  And boy did she have a wardrobe!  That's what always got me so excited.. her clothes!  I gained a love for the her vintage wardrobe more than anything else.  Just the idea of pearl necklaces and earrings sets, gloves, and after 7 attire.  Oh my, I'm getting excited all over again. 

Barbie may even be the reason I enjoyed clothing so much and why I chose a career in Fashion.  There was a joy about her clothing, let alone she was a women who could be anyone she wanted to be! 

Have A Miss Pretty Perfect Day!


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