Miss Pretty Perfect's Indian Princess Blouse

What an adventure this was.  And I enjoyed every moment. 

MPP's Indian Princess blouse is made of traditional Indian Sari/Saree Fabrics.  I have always admired the traditional garments of Indian women.  And today, I introduce the Miss Pretty Perfect version.  Sari fabrics are usually highly detailed with beading and embroidery, mostly done by hand.  Beautiful hand work that is very hard to come across being that mostly machines are doing the work for us today. 
The Sari pieces were sewn together and matched with coordinating satin fabric.  The top bodice part consist of all Sari pieces.  The double peplum is made of satin while the entire garment is lined in silk.  

This is so Miss Pretty Perfect and so my style.  Enjoy!

 Have A Miss Pretty Perfect Day!

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