New Wallets!

New Wallets

Three different versions of the same wallet using the same color theme.

Large Zippered Wallet

Two different wallets in same color theme.

Just got out a batch of new wallets. The top 3 were made from the very same materials. They all 3 feature different patterning. Small enough to hold discretely in your hand and large enough to hold my Blackberry Pearl and my MAC lipstick.

The middle is a zippered wallet. It will hold a phone, wallet, keys, checkbook. It's the size of a small clutch.

The bottom two are of the same materials, just with a different layout. This is the same discrete size that will hold a phone and lipstick.

Click on the image to go straight to it and read more about sizes and stuff! All ready made items are posted on Etsy and

Have A Miss Pretty Perfect Day!

La Toya

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