Monday, December 22, 2008

New Wallets!

New Wallets

Three different versions of the same wallet using the same color theme.

Large Zippered Wallet

Two different wallets in same color theme.

Just got out a batch of new wallets. The top 3 were made from the very same materials. They all 3 feature different patterning. Small enough to hold discretely in your hand and large enough to hold my Blackberry Pearl and my MAC lipstick.

The middle is a zippered wallet. It will hold a phone, wallet, keys, checkbook. It's the size of a small clutch.

The bottom two are of the same materials, just with a different layout. This is the same discrete size that will hold a phone and lipstick.

Click on the image to go straight to it and read more about sizes and stuff! All ready made items are posted on Etsy and

Have A Miss Pretty Perfect Day!

La Toya

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