Fall 2008 Bags

Dr. Quinn Travel Bag

Sasha Sling

Yes, it's been awhile, I know. What happened, you asked? Life happened. Changes happened. Life-changing events happened. But Miss Pretty Perfect always survives. I am starting out this Winter season with new/old favorites. The Over sized Dr. Quinn Travel bag and the flirty Sasha Sling Shoulder bag. These were two of my best sellers last season.

What I hear from owners and admirers of the Dr. Quinn bag, is that they love how the bag can open wider by utilizing the drawstrings on the sides. I believe that I caught the heart of Knitters with this goodie. I also heard that it would make an awesome carry-on bag for flights.

The Sasha Sling bag is just an overall Girl's Bag. I originally named this the AGB (Average Girl Bag) because of the like-ability from all kinds. It just fits into any wardrobe. This bag was designed with a tee shirt, designer jeans, and kitten heels in mind. It just works!

I will be adding more bags in the upcoming days, so please come back and visit. This blog allows me to express a personal feel about Miss Pretty Perfect directly to you! In addition to the new Winter 2008 line, I will be introducing a couple of new styles as well.

If you are new to MPP, you can learn more about me on my website: www.missprettyperfect.com

.. and also on missprettyperfect.etsy.com.

If you would like to read feedback from previous buyers, please visit: isewstuff.etsy.com
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