Welcome To MPP Studio!

I was very excited to learn that I could invite total strangers into my studio. Press Play and have a quick tour of my studio, in poor quality filming. It's my first video submission. It's really rough, I'm not going to lie. But, you will get a good idea of what my organized layout is like. I love my big pattern table, I love my dress form (not filmed) and I love the skill of being able to work with my hands.

Support your Local Crafters. We work hard and fill our handmade products with love, all the way from conception to creation. Well, at least I do ;-)

If you are someone that is interested in designing a line of handbags, lean on my wealth of knowledge in handbag design and production. I also dabble in clothing, too!

Do you have a question about sewing/designing that you need an answer to? Contact me.

Need Encouragement? Contact me.

Have A Miss Pretty Perfect Day!

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