Display Racks for Clothing and Handbags

  • Do you need more "closet space" in your tiny area?
  • Do you resale clothing or handbags and need a proper display for these items?
  • Do you need to hold your clothing backstage on hangers instead of in bags?
I would like to introduce to you these ultra sturdy, heavy-duty, yet lightweight Racks that come in various sizes and styles.  Choose from our Small, Medium, and Large Racks to display your clothing or accessories, whether you resale, or just need to display your goods.  Not sure what your exact need may be, but rest assure that we have the answer to your problem.  Click the titles below to learn more..

 The Small Rack measures 37" tall and 26" wide.  It's the perfect size for handbags, scarves, women's and men's shirts, and children's clothes.

The Medium Rack measures 62" tall and 26" wide.  This is great for displaying dresses and other long hanging items.

The Medium Rack with Divider measures 69" tall and 26" wide.  The divided racks are perfect for displaying a combination of goods, from clothing to accessories.

The Large Rack measures 81" tall and 26" wide.  This rack is ideal for very long hanging garments such as wedding dress and other gowns.
Custom Ordered Racks Are Available! 
Please email toiyah2@yahoo.com
 Discounts are available for a purchase order of 10 or more!  You can combine sizes if you wish!

Have A Miss Pretty Perfect Day! 

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